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Your animal may have a condition that has stumped everyone, or you just want a second opinion from your animal's perspective. If you are showing, jumping, racing or engaging in any type of competitive discipline, I can speak remotely with your animal & guide them through the whole event. You can relay your advice in realtime to your animal through me during the actual competition. The results can be incredibly rewarding.


Here are a few examples of some problems that Candi can easily solve. Your doggie wants to escape constantly, your race horse suddenly won't come out of the gate, your show dog is not performing well in front of the judges, your cat's ripping up the furniture or just not eating, Your animal needs to be housebroken stat, your existing pet wants a four legged companion and you don't know which one to choose. Your bird is constantly pulling out all its feathers or your animal has serious separation anxiety,

Endless crying, barking, destroying things, urinating or defecating while your away.


Maybe you are questioning the thought of humane euthanasia for your beloved animal.

Candi will help your animal to be heard and guide you to make a comfortable decision for all. If you reside in the greater Los Angeles area, please consider Dr.Nick Fox DVM / Fox Companion Care. Candi & Dr. Nick work together to achieve a gentle and smooth transition for your animal in the comfort and privacy of your own home. 

If your beloved heart animal has already crossed over and you want to reconnect, Candi works with animals on the other side almost daily. It does not matter how long they have been gone. It's always so comforting to talk with them again and know that they are safe and happy. Bringing closure to both sides, sharing your thoughts and things you didn't get to share before they transitioned. 


Maybe you are curious about something strange, like why does your animal stare into thin air and bark intensely, or as simple as wanting to know your animal's favorite color. If your animal is always angry, depressed or has a medical issue that can't be diagnosed, Candi can help to explain the symptoms that your animal is feeling. All types of behavioral issues can be easily fixed with just a simple conversation!

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