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Candi Cane Cooper is an internationally acclaimed Animal Communicator and author who has been helping animals and owners all over the planet to coexist in harmony. The best way to solve any issues with your animal is to simply have a conversation with it and Candi has the ability to do so. If you are showing, racing or engaging in any type of competitive discipline, Candi can speak remotely with your animal & guide them through the whole event. If your animal has behavioral issues, medical, emotional, spiritual or mental, she can help you with all of it. You can relay your questions to your animal even if they have passed on directly  through Candi during your actual session. She reads in real time, with  your animal. The the results can be incredible helping to answer so many more questions than you can imagine. 

You may have seen her on The Kardashians, The Animal Planet Network, The New York Post - Extraordinary People, KCBS -2 News "People making a difference" and KCAL -9 News - :People helping people." These are just some of her latest credits. Candi’s first book “Afterlife Of Animals “ has been on Amazons top 100 of its genre since its release in 2020. With over 200 worldwide reviews @ 5 stars. Candi has worked with satisfied clients worldwide, for over two decades. All sessions are kept confidential.

She is the real deal.

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