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Connect with and honor your animal companion―the gentle guide to the other side 

Losing a pet can be one of the hardest things you’ll deal with. Although your companion may be physically gone, their presence is still with you every day. Afterlife of Animals is your resource for compassionate grieving and building a connection to your beloved pet even after they’ve crossed the Rainbow Bridge. 


Find tools to help you process the complex emotions of your loss. Understand that however you’re feeling is normal, and there’s support to help you feel a sense of peace and a deeper bond with your pet. Learn to read and interpret the different ways that your pet might be communicating with you from the afterlife, and get advice on how you can reach out to and honor their spirit and presence every day. 


Inside Afterlife of Animals, you’ll find: 

  • All animals included―No matter what kind of companion you’re missing, there’s advice, healing, and guidance for you. 

  • Afterlife remembrance―Learn tactics that can help you value and cherish your sweet animal with little daily rituals. 

  • Rainbow Bridge FAQs―Find answers to all sorts of questions about what happens to our pets once they transition to their afterlife.


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